Tinker Tie Beta

Tinker Tie Beta

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Tinker Tie Beta is a programmable RGB LED bow tie controlled by the Adafruit Pro Trinket! Each of the 28 LEDs are individually addressable, and can display millions of colors. Programming your own colors and animations is as simple as connecting the Tinker Tie to the Arduino IDE over USB! The Tinker Tie Beta also has a built-in capacitive touch sensor on the back, that can be programmed to do everything from cycling animations, turning the Tinker Tie on and off, and more!

The Tinker Tie Beta Currently comes in three variants:

  • Complete DIY Kit
    • This kit has everything you need to assemble your own Tinker Tie from the ground up. We include the Tinker Tie board, LiPoly Battery, LEDs, capacitors, resistors, tie strap, and the Adafruit Pro Trinket and battery charging backpack.
  • Complete SMD Soldered Kit
    • This kit has all the components of the Complete DIY Kit, but we've gone ahead and soldered all the surface mount components, such as the LEDs, capacitors, and resistors. All you need to do is through-hole solder the included Adafruit Pro Trinket and battery charging backpack and you're set!
  • SMD Soldered Board, No Controller
    • For those that already have a Pro Trinket, or perhaps a different microcontroller, we offer the Tinker Tie board with all SMD Components pre-installed. All you need to do is provide and solder your own microcontroller! (strap and battery included)


For additional resources, including a copy of the example code, and an outline of the board, please visit our GitHub page here.


Instructions on how to assemble your Tinker Tie can be found on the GitHub page or by clicking here.


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